Friday, May 6, 2011

Shane and MMA fight tonight

Well, I just packed up a big car full of (8) boy's headed to Shane's MMA fight in Portland, ME tonight.  I have put in a BIG TICKET with God on this one...Oh please don't let Shane or his opponent get hurt and may the other guy 'tap-out' first! Amen!

Now, since there are a car fullah boy's heading to this event, they will arrive back home to sleep over here tonight. You all know what this means...MAN FOOD: blue Doritos, green ice cream, pop, at least a two gallons, bacon and homemade Belgium Waffles in the am--before they leave for baseball.

Shane will miss his senior Prom, but he still will get the chance to dance a little a cage!


  1. Go Shane! Hope he wins and comes out of it without problem. Man Susanne, I don't envy you having to cook that breakfast, you're going to need about 50 waffles, lol! Have a wonderful mom's day!

  2. I have my fingers crossed for him. Hope no one gets hurt and that he wins. Have a wonderful Mother's Day.