Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Well everyone, there's going to be a NEW LOOK on my bloggy soon and it's all because I have a fabulous cousin that is going to assist me in this adventure!  Oh sure, I had to design a make-shift photo box with a sideway's tri-fold exhibit poster held up with my 5" wide quilting ruler, (that conceals the unfinshed basement dungeon decor of my work room) and take a zillion digi pics to find some that were not BLURRY or looked like some drunk guy got a  hold of my camera in the middle of the night--Pam is going to add all the razzzzzz-ma-tazzzz to my blog because she is a super artistic groovy IT chick! So stay tuned!  Check out her blog too--@ PaisleyThyme (let me get her proper blog address) so I can give her a PROPER shout-out!   Stay-tuned for more!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter Everyone!

It's going to be a easy day for us here since Patrick has baseball try-outs at 6:00pm (I still cannot believe this is happening on EASTER night--but ya never know baseball!) and we are to meet up with Tom's kinfolk at Markey's for fresh fish @ 5:00pm.  I would imagine Patrick and I will go early while Tom handles the rear end of dinner with his family.  Bring on the Fried Shrimp! Ooo la la...no cookin' or cleanin' at my house!  It's a real holiday for me this Easter! 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Beach Babes...Art Impressions stamps! BEACH SWAP SCS!

I am addicted to Art Impressions Stamps--this card was made for a "Beach Swap" that is due in May--I am still toying with the idea to 'glitter-up' at least one of the bathing suit ladies here--not sure which one can stand up to the flashy glitter--however, the green lady seems to have it going on!!!  Yes, I get a lil' personal with my cards! Haha!