Thursday, May 1, 2014

 Hannah's Construction 

Thank You Cards

My friend Hannah wanted some thank you cards with a construction theme.  This oldie but goody stamp with the wood frame and tools did the job!
Attached flap insert to hold gift certificate


Sunday, January 12, 2014

3X HOCH & Zum Geburtstag Gus' Birthday Card Challenge!

This January, 2014, was Imke's turn to host our monthly card image challenge and she choose Gus' Birthday from Bugaboo!  

Imke is from Germany and I don't want to leave you in suspense...
3X HOCK means "Well Shall he prosper" X 3
Zum Geburtstag means "For Your Birthday"

 Our additional challenge was to incorporate these German well wishes into our projects.  We have also decided to send our finished projects to the host who chooses the image of the month.  So when I mail her this card -she may use it in Germany as part of her gift to a loved one or a friend--or wouldn't it be a great birthday story if she actually has a friend or relative named "Gus"?

Anyway, Gus looks a lil stubborn with his arms crossed and I really wanted to highlight his special occasion with all the accessorizing to make him stand out-what better than to use my Elizabeth Birthday Candle die and MFT balloons to really send the message over to Germany!  
Finally, no birthday is complete without a little bit of confetti so to finalize this project I chopped up a few squares of coordinating cardstock with my multi-blade scissors and whipped up a coordinated envy with my WRMK's envy punch and Wah-Lah!
Happy 3X HOCH Gus!