Sunday, May 22, 2011


Pam and I have been updating and tweaking the blog stuff--I'd rather pick dog hairs off my upholstery! You really have to have a special talent for web design since moving objects via a screen is like picking up bling with a wet Q-tip and hoping they fall into place!  I watched some Photoshop tutorials and they zoom right through the steps as IF we can see which buttons they are tapping...oh sure PS experts...tease me some more!

Shane graduates from Central Catholic HS this Friday-on MY birthday!  I think I am more melancholy about it then he is-which in turn means he's ready to move onto college!  You know that feeling when you just know about something-no big is what it is...he's like that!  It's his placement in the family-the ever so pleasing middle child--"He's Irish, he'll deal!" (Half Irish...the Lithuanian side of him better step up to the plate and make some noise!!!) I was given full control of the buying of the stuff for his room at school today-as we discussed 'college things'!  This is big since I have others in the house that will not let me buy their stuff for them! {We won't name name's.}  I told him when he gets to school this fall to check his mailbox weekly-for goodies...he agreed that was a very good idea! Now, if I can just make it through his HS graduation ceremony w/o using the entire box of Kleenex tucked under my arm and yelling "SHANE...YOU DID IT" too loudly without embarrassing my entire family..! I wonder if there is a quick Martha Stewart pattern to conceal a box of Kleenex that looks like a purse?

I am just hoping the zoom lense on our digital camera will allow me to take the right picture of the right kid--MY KID!!!...Have I told you about the time I took an ENTIRE 24 shot film cartridge of a hockey player that wasn't my son Patrick?  Oh did we laugh when I developed those pictures...Who's this kid? Granted, "Peeg" doesn't let me wash his practice hockey jersey's too often (pinching nose closed here)..and I swear it was a yellow jersey...he had tucked into his hockey bag that night...I was so happy to catch a practice on film, I had the pictures developed, brought them home and Peeg say's...Um Mom, you took some other kids pictures!!! Hahahahahaha--  Damn view finder...why can't they make them as big as a chalk board?

If I screw up the pictures...I have an excuse this time...the Kleenex box was in the way!
Until the next time I find my blog....:)


  1. Hi Susanne!

    You make me laugh! If you find that M.S. Kleenex box pattern, be sure to send it my way.... Big stuff with the graduation; enjoy your busy week!

  2. Susanne, you never disappoint me but always make me smile. Your quick wit makes you a great storyteller. Hope You find that pattern and get your new "purse" made.

  3. OK, this is one of the funniest posts I have ever read! Wet Qtips to pick up bling.... made me happy I had my depends on.... :D

  4. I am QUITE sure that Martha or some other overly ambitious crafter has a pattern for a kleenex pattern! You make me smile friend!