Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Old Man of the Mountain

The Old Man of the Mountain
 My good friend Berta called a few weeks ago and asked  if I could create Christmas ornaments dedicated to the beloved "Old Man of the Mountain". I said I would but out of curiosity I wanted to know why she needed them.

As the story goes, Berta and Heather were headed up north to the White Mountains of New Hampshire for the weekend.  As Berta was driving (a little too fast), Heather was a bit noodgy as co-pilots often get.

As Berta carried on, she started to look upwards out the front windshield of the car to get a glimpse of the Old Man of the Mountain.  This made Heather even more nervous and she insisted that Berta, slow down, the old man will always be there and watch the road!

Unbeknownst to them, this would not be the case.  The Old Man of the Mountain’s lower half collapsed during the night of May 3, 2003 and Berta never got to see him!

For ten years, both Berta and Heather have been entertaining this mishap by carrying on the tradition of the beloved Old Man of the Mountain with surprising each other with trinkets and souvenirs that mark the occasion of this unfortunate famous landmark to crumbles.

This year, being the 10th anniversary of their journey to the north, Berta is celebrating one final surprise and I had the honor to create the following plaque, ornaments and Squash Book to be secretly placed on Heather’s mini Christmas tree and tipping the hat as the final gesture to the Old Man of the Mountain.

The Squash Book is for their final photos and journal notes of this event!


  1. Fun story, Susanne and a great tradition from both :-) I´m pretty sure she will like your ornaments. They are aweseome. And so many different sizes and styles. Just great !

  2. WOW what a story...and I love the tradition about it. everything looks great! I love it

  3. Thanks Imke and Michelle! :) Fun and easy project--Berta LOVED em!