Thursday, September 12, 2013

Halloween Punch Art!

I took some time today to mess around with some of my Stampin' Up punches and here are just a few things I came up with in a matter of minutes.

While using the" Bundle" Tags 4 You stamp set and the coordinating punch I took care of two holidays in one fell swoop!  
The extra large oval punch created both the spider body and my pumpkin, and the spider legs were from my bird punch leaf vine. The pumpkin stump is made from one bird wing cut in half.   I turned my sweet humming bird punch into dark black pecking crows with an embossed wing and shiny crystal eyes (I am sure they are gawking at those delicious candy corns!) Anyway, these were all 2-minute projects, utilizing just a few punches to create!


  1. Fabulous projects. I love them all. I think I may need that stamp set. Think I have all the punches.
    Great work Susanne.

  2. Susanne, these are great projects !! Great way to use the different punches.

    I like the new look of your blog too !

  3. Thanks Imke! I finally learned how to incorporate some fancy "blinkies"!