Sunday, April 8, 2012

Quilled cards say it in style!

Oh what the heck...posting another card!

My dear friend Patti from Ohio was my secret sister this round and she sent me loads of goodies, one of which is the fabulous pearl style quilling strips I used in this card to express my many thanks to her. comments on the 'blurry picture' that's a whole nuthah' issue I need to work on!  I'll have to design a make-shift tripod out of Popsicle sticks and duct tape...for these groovy lil' digi cams can really be sensitive---What I gotta stop breathing in order to hold still to take a picture?  


  1. I think Patti will be thrilled to receive this beautiful card. It is so pretty and love those colors you used on it. Beautiful job Susanne. I'm home and playing catch up here.

  2. this is lovely - you are so talented with your quilling and then combining it with card making ... to the max!!

  3. I'm digging the whole easel thing to hold your cards but Susie Q ... help an old person out and zoooooooom into the card. Looks cute tho (from what these old eyes can see!)

    1. Old person? Silly girl! You cannot just "cleek" on it and make it bigger over at your house? I just right clicked on it and Zooowy...Beeg! :)

  4. Susanne - I love this beautiful card. I have always been drawn to quilling. Your colors are beautiful too!

  5. Awe thanks ladies! I love to quill in my free time! This particular style quilling strip is the pearl essence multi- color pack. Patti gave me this as one of my secret sis goodies!