Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Copic - Kraft Parmesan Container Storage Tower!

As you know, in a previous post I won the huge black Copic marker travel bag at the 10 second Marathon Run at Absolutely Everything, Topsfield, MA last summer and ever since,  that is where my Copic pens have been stored.

  Last night, I was coloring an image and was reaching for a color and the individual mesh basket inside this huge box spilled over---blah, blah, blah...<swear word here> ha-ha

After regrouping my mess, I was looking around my studio thinking... how can I store these on my desk so I can see each color in their proper color family without dumping them out onto my work station...
Kraft Parmesan containers - glued together with hot glue!  BINGO!  I glued two together and the hot glue did not distort their form and supported the weight of the markers...itsa go!

Now, we are not of Italian decent, but I guess big parm-pasta consumers and I have made it a habit of upcycling these wonderful clear plastic containers in my craft room.  I have used them for buttons, doodads, giving a jar of Cricut pre- cut die leaves to my secret sisters and and now my Copic's!
My Copic's have a brilliant new home, lying securely at a 45 degree angle, on my desk in clear sight! I need to invest in some re-inker's to put my entire stash up there...and as my collection grows-I'll yank out the glue gun and add another container to the stack!  Brilliant!

Question...Any ideas what to do with the Parmesan caps? I suppose I could use them for glitter or embossing powders--but the horror of the cap not being closed properly could really make my head spin! 

*Note: Dishwashers melt the plastic-hand washing a must!


  1. Fabulous idea! I wish I had thought of it before I bought some expensive holders for my copics. You are too smart. They look good to, so add a little color and design to your desk.

  2. Great idea, Susanne! wonder if you could make flowers out of the lids?? ;)

  3. Vickie--I don't know--they are certainly "sturdy" enough to house the flowers and some serious amounts of hot glue--and being that they are green--pretty spring flowers might look cute tucked into the opened side...hmm, Maybe distress the sides and design mini diorama's with my small stamped images...I'll have to play with this idea--Thanks for your input! :) ha-ha